Aeroseal is the most effective, affordable and viable method of sealing duct leaks. Just like anywhere else, ducts leak…and leaking ducts cost you money. Here’s are some benefits of aerosealing duct-work:

  • Decreased energy consumption. With fan power representing 40-50% of HVAC energy usage, leakage costs can be significant due to increases in fan speed.
  • Decreased Thermal Loss. When supply air escapes, variations in temperature between rooms and floors occur affecting comfort levels in the space.
  • Longer Equipment Life. Your system will run longer than specified to compensate for pressure loss and temperature accuracy; this could lead to increased maintenance costs and premature component replacement.
  • Increased comfort. A properly sealed system allows it to operate as engineered, resulting in more even temperatures between rooms and floors.

Aeroseal seals ducts from the inside. Watch the video below to see how, then schedule your free consultation today.

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Aeroseal Residential Duct Sealing Showcase

Aeroseal is discussed with Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect, US Department of Energy. Also highlighted are homeowners who have had the Aeroseal duct sealing process applied to their home, who share anecdotal accounts of their experiences before and after Aeroseal.

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