Heating Maintenance in Northern VA

At McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a full list of heating services. Whether you need heating repair, furnace installation, or something else, our team is standing by to help. Yet, one thing we believe in wholeheartedly is presenting problems before they start. That’s why we offer heating maintenance services. Whether you have a furnace or a heat pump, our team can help it run at its best with comprehensive, thorough maintenance services.

For heating maintenance and other heating services in Northern Virginia, call McCrea at (800) 788-6216. You can also contact us online.

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What Does Heating Maintenance Include?

When you call McCrea for furnace maintenance, you can be confident that your system will get thoroughly inspected. Our tune-ups include a multipoint inspection process that will find and eliminate many problems that hurt your furnace’s efficiency. We also provide repair recommendations, and we optimize the system’s function to ensure you are getting the best possible performance. We will also clean the furnace or heating system and change the furnace filter, so you will have a system that is ready to go.

Schedule your heating tune-up by contacting McCrea.

Common Reasons Heating Systems Break Down

Heating systems often break down due to avoidable problems. Some common causes of a heating system breakdown include:

  • Dirty air filters

  • Dirt on the blower

  • Thermostat issues

  • Low refrigerant levels

Each of these problems can be prevented with proper maintenance. That’s why our team is dedicated to ensuring you have access to maintenance tune-ups when you need them.

Call (800) 788-6216 or reach out to us online to schedule a tune-up for your furnace or another heating system.

Preventive Maintenance Is Key To Reducing Breakdowns

Preventative furnace maintenance is a key way to prevent breakdowns of your furnace system. You can invest a small amount now to avoid a big headache later. The investment in preventive maintenance will lower your risk of a breakdown and the amount of money you spend on your repair bills.

Schedule preventive maintenance with our team, and see just how much you can save.

Why Choose McCrea for Heating System Maintenance in Northern Virginia?

McCrea has been in the area for a long time, and over our nearly nine decades of service, we have learned a thing or two about heating system maintenance. We are passionate about helping you save money through preventive maintenance and offer convenient service plans to make it happen. We are a knowledgeable and reliable team that will be attentive to your system and its repair needs.

Don’t wait until the system breaks down. Contact McCrea for your annual tune-up.

Heating Maintenance FAQs

Why do I need heating maintenance?

Maintaining your furnace or other heating systems will extend its life span. It will also help lower your energy bills and help prevent breakdowns of your system in the future. Most of the time, heating maintenance helps homeowners save money.

How often do I need to change my furnace filter?

Your furnace filter should get changed at least once every three months. If you live in a home with animals, increase that frequency due to the pet dander in the system.

How often should I service my heating system?

Heating and furnace maintenance should be performed once per year, preferably at the start of the heating season, to optimize system performance.

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