Heating Services in Northern Virginia

McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Northern Virginia for over 85 years. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy optimal performance from your heating system and offer a full list of heating solutions. You can trust us for heating repair, heating installation, heating maintenance, and heating replacement. Our heating services include: 

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Heating Repair Services

If your heating system is not working properly, you can get downright uncomfortable in a Northern Virginia winter. Some signs that it may be time to call for heating repair include:

  • Sudden inefficiency

  • Loud noises or unusual smells

  • Burning smell from the system

  • Lack of heat

Schedule heating repair in Northern Virginia by calling our team at (800) 788-6216.

Is It Time for Heating Replacement?

Heating systems are designed to run well for many years, but all of them have a limited life span. Eventually, repeated repairs or inefficiencies will mean it’s time for replacement, and McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning offers heating replacement services in Northern Virginia. Some signs that it may be time for a new furnace or heating system include:

  • 15 years old or older

  • High-cost replacement on an old system

  • Increasing energy bills

  • Decreasing comfort

Call (800) 788-6216 or reach out online to schedule heating maintenance if you’re noticing these signs.

Keep Your Heating System Running at Its Best With Heating Maintenance

Though our team is ready to assist with heating replacement and heating repair, sometimes you can avoid problems by keeping up with routine maintenance. An annual service check gives our team the chance to take a close look at your furnace or other heating system for signs of wear and tear. With an annual service check, you will usually enjoy lower energy bills.

Schedule heating maintenance with McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning by contacting our team.

Install a New, Efficient Heating System

McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning is your source for new furnace and heating system installation. If you are ready to upgrade your existing system or need a system installed in a newly built property, we’ll help you select the right one and install it with a team of knowledgeable professionals.

Schedule Heating Service in Northern Virginia With Our Skilled Team

McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning provides a full list of heating services from a dedicated team to help you enjoy a comfortable and efficient home. We have been providing service in the region for over 85 years and are ready to come alongside you to help you understand the right solutions to your heating concerns.

Schedule heating service in Northern Virginia with McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning and put our experience to work for you. Call (800) 788-6216 or contact us online to learn more about our services.

Heating System FAQs

How often should I replace my furnace filter?

Replace your furnace filter at least once every three months but more often if it shows signs of getting full or clogged.

How can I save money on my heating bill?

Furnace maintenance is the best way to keep your heating costs down. Having a clean furnace filter and a well-maintained system will help it run efficiently.

What is the burning smell from the furnace?

At the start of the heating season, it’s not uncommon to smell a burning smell from your furnace. This is the dust burning off. Other times, this indicates a problem that requires a professional to look at your system.

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