New Construction Services

  • Complete HVAC Design-Build-Service-Testing Capabilities
  • Professional Engineering Services
  • Exceptional Service from Concept to Completion
  • Warranties Offered

Why Choose McCrea Equipment Company for your New Construction HVAC Project

Since we first opened our doors in 1936 we have been partnering with our customers in the Washington Metropolitan area to help them achieve the best results for the best price. Our belief in the importance of focusing on the homeowners and builders together, allows us to provide value while exceeding expectations throughout the design – build – service – testing processes. In many instances over the past 80 years we have deigned, installed and performed the manufactures recommended maintenance on the HVAC system and replaced it when it reached the point it was no longer feasible to maintain. We stand behind our design, installation and service over the entire life of the system. This is the McCreaway!

As a FULL service mechanical engineering design contractor, McCrea Equipment Company IS the best choice of handling all of your HVAC needs. Our designers and engineers will create a detailed set of HVAC plans ready for implementation at the construction site. McCrea uses the latest HVAC design software to work efficiently with all members of the build team. Working closely with your architecture group allows us to deliver a quality design and implement in the field as we work efficiently with other trade partners to ensure the system isn’t compromised.

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Benefits of Good HVAC System Design

HVAC systems account for a large part of the energy used in residential homes – understanding every aspect of the home allows us to ensure a quality product to help with these costs.

Opportunities usually surface after a HVAC job is completed and the home is occupied. Inferior design work, installation practices, improper ventilation don’t always show up right away. These concerns may take a year or more to appear; when this happens, it is much harder to correct once the home is finished. McCrea address each of these issues early in the design phase of the project. Our goal is to design a system that meets your standards while being energy efficient without sacrificing user comfort or air quality. Our extensive experience in HVAC system design and construction has allowed McCrea a long list of satisfied customers.

How McCrea is Different

Our goal is to have the homeowner for life. McCrea will support the home for conception, service to replacement and everything in between. Our team is knowledgeable in all areas of the performance of the homes. We perform testing on homes to ensure the HVAC systems meet our specifications which usually exceed minimum CODE requirements. This allows us to make any necessary changes to the design before the builder adds the home to their portfolio. By doing this, we ensure the performance and design is working as engineered.

Our team is not only made up from engineers, by real life mechanics that have been in the field and installed systems. Having a P.E., HERS rater, Building CODE Safety Official, licensed mechanics, certified designers has continually allowed McCrea to stay ahead of any upcoming changes. By providing information to our builder partners, we can set expectations and head off any surprises during the building process.

Engineering Services

  • Complete building solutions
  • Licensed Professional Engineering
  • LEED Accredited Professional
  • Modeling and Preliminary Designs
  • HERS Rating engineering
  • Energy Star Certification understanding
  • CODE implementation in designs
  • “Value Engineering”
  • ACCA QA Contractor

McCrea can also:

  • Consult on existing projects.
  • Provide designs and engineering support for other HVAC companies.
  • Provide Building Analysis.
  • Pre-Construction offsite meetings as well as retrofit engineering.
  • Consult with Architecture, Building Owners, and General
  • Contractors throughout building processes.
  • Provide inspection services to determine HVAC system conditions and opportunities.
  • Provide testing services or recommendations as required for equipment certification and distribution systems.
  • Recommended a suitable course of action – if action is needed.
  • Provide the best solution for mechanical ventilation.
  • Provide the best solution for make-up air.

Additional Sheet Metal Services

  • Experienced technicians in the field to help minimize downtime with unforeseen opportunities relating to construction changes.
  • Efficient production to meet schedules
  • Custom HVAC systems
  • HVAC Retrofits
  • Local supply and delivery

McCrea Equipment Company can provide custom sheet metal fabrication for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in homes or existing projects. Our experts can craft custom pieces for specific opportunities allowing for the best performance while maintaining the integrity of the system.

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