For Local MD, VA, PA Homeowners: Smart Home Automation Solutions with Nest Pro

Looking for ways to automate your home? You’ve come to the right place. Home automation saves time, money, and enables users to live smarter through efficient and centralized home appliance and device control. With a simple voice command or push of a button, you can manage anything that has been connected to the internet through a sleek programmable hub. And the benefits of home automation go beyond convenience. Automation can also help you maintain a secure space through lighting, alarm system, and surveillance retrofits.

Automation capabilities range from simple tasks to a more complicated timed or triggered events; but don’t let that overwhelm you. Getting started is easy! To find the system that’s right for you, the best approach is to begin by determining what you do repeatedly, and which of these things would be more convenient to automate. What do you regularly turn on and off, or adjust? What things would make it easier for you to maintain your home while you’re away?

Automate Your HVAC, Lighting, and Home Security Systems

With more and more companies investing in the home automation sector, the ways in which you can enhance your livability are endless. Air conditioners, sprinklers, pet feeders, window blinds and even door locks can all be programmed to work automatically. New gadgets have been created to help you cook, improve sleep and deliver the latest news through your home entertainment system.

More advanced automation systems adapt to your behavior and can predict what you need and when. This can be particularly helpful if you’re someone who maintains a busy schedule. Lighting and heating triggers can be set so that they only turn on when you’re on your way home or turn off when you leave. Motion sensors can send alerts straight to your smartphone when there’s activity in and around your home; and they can even tell the difference between burglars and pets. Once you’ve made your list of must-haves, you’ll need to determine your budget, method and time to invest setting it all up. The more complex your needs, the more expensive; and your system may even need separate accessories to manage and process all the information coming in. Because of this, it’s best to start simple, or even in phases.

How to Choose the Home Automation Solution Right for You

Once you get comfortable with your first automated control, you can then think about what to layer on. Compatibility is key. Whichever system you choose must be able to connect to your home’s existing appliances and work with other devices, if you have more than one.

Hubs are a great way to pull it all together. These can be physical devices, software you can manage through your smartphone, or a combination of both. With investment in home automation increasing, there are several systems to choose from. It’s important to research and determine which of these will best meet your needs. Want to make your home smarter? Nest Pro is now part of the McCrea Family. Learn more.

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