HVAC Services in Gaithersburg, MD

Staying comfortable throughout the year in Gaithersburg means having HVAC systems you can trust — and someone you can call when something goes wrong. At McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re dedicated to excellence in the service, craft, and products we deliver to our customers.

Our certified technicians will gladly meet all your HVAC needs, including installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacement of furnaces, air conditioners, and other HVAC equipment.

We’re always glad to help with your HVAC needs. Contact McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning in Gaithersburg at 301-304-8789 today to learn more. 

Furnace Services

When the temperatures hit their low point in Gaithersburg, there’s nothing like a reliable furnace system to get things warm again. Our team offers a variety of services for a wide selection of gas furnaces and electric furnaces from different manufacturers:

  • Furnace installation: We’ll carefully assess your heating needs to match you with the perfect furnace for your circumstances, then install it flawlessly, so you get the best value. 
  • Furnace maintenance: By letting our team replace filters, adjust thermostats, tighten connections, remove dirt, add lubrication, and service all components, you’ll enjoy a longer-lasting, more efficient, and more effective furnace.
  • Furnace repair: When you’re facing a breakdown, contact our team so we can promptly get your system working.
  • Furnace replacement: When it’s time to upgrade to a new energy-efficient model, let our team help you find the perfect replacement for your needs. 

Contact McCrea at 301-304-8789 for furnace services in Gaithersburg. 

Air Conditioning

Nobody in Gaithersburg wants to spend their summer without working AC — so when you need air conditioning services, we’re ready to help. We offer:

  • Air conditioning installation: Accurate load calculations and access to premium systems from trusted manufacturers mean you’ll get exactly what you need from our team when you schedule AC installation. 
  • Air conditioning maintenance: Keeping up with annual preventative maintenance is vital to the efficient, reliable operation of your air conditioning system and to maintaining warranty compliance.
  • Air conditioning repair: When your system stops working, starts leaking, or spikes your energy bills, we’ll be glad to help. Our team will promptly restore comfort to your home and prevent further damage to your system. 
  • Air conditioning replacement: Our comprehensive supply of replacement AC systems and our expertise in assessment and installation allows us to pair every customer with the ideal replacement unit.
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Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that without proper indoor air quality services, the average home’s air can be five times as polluted as the air outside? Let us help you enjoy cleaner, healthier air by cleaning your ducts, upgrading you to high-quality filters, and installing humidifiersair purification systems, UV lights, and other devices.

These can improve air quality by neutralizing and removing the pollutants, pathogens, and allergens that ruin your air and affect your health. 

Contact McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning at 301-304-8789 for indoor air quality services.

Depend on McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning for Your Comfort

Over the last 85 years, the McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning team has provided exceptional care to clients across Maryland. We know every client deserves the best care possible, so we always strive to provide the best service, work quality, and advice possible during every visit. 

Contact McCrea to schedule HVAC services today. Call 301-304-8789 to learn more about our services.

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