The Best Smart Thermostats of 2023

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The best home is a smart home. And the best smart homes have the best smart thermostats installed to keep you comfortable. At McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning, we know the value smart thermostats offer and strongly recommend them to homeowners.

If you’re in the market for a new smart thermostat, then these are solutions we recommend considering.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Amazon’s Smart Thermostat is an inexpensive, ENERGY STAR®-certified solution that’s easily controlled using voice commands via your Alexa app or the touchscreen interface. The thermostat features easily adjusted scheduling, tracks energy consumption, and more.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is an ENERGY STAR-certified unit with an elegant stainless steel design that will smarten up your home. The more you use it, the more it will learn your preferences and automatically adjust its settings to improve your comfort. Like the Nest Pro, it’s a top-quality solution that will deliver reliable performance. 

This thermostat features a large, easily controlled interface and the ability to control the device via Google Assistant or Alexa. It can be coupled with accurate sensors, making it easier to monitor temperatures in individual rooms. Once installed, you can expect 10% to 12% savings on heating and 15% on cooling bills.       

Wyze Thermostat

The Wyze Thermostat is a smart choice for wise homeowners. Easily installed and programmed, the thermostat can be controlled via Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s ideal for homes with other Wyze devices currently installed.

The device features room sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, and motion, information that the device will use to create a balanced, comfortable environment in your home. 

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

Premium comfort depends on premium quality, and the Ecobee Smart Thermostat is top-shelf. It can be controlled via Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Alexa, which makes it easy to integrate into your smart home network. It features a clear, easily visible display and a solid zinc body that gives it considerable durability.

Best of all, the passive infrared sensors will automatically adjust the thermostat to “away” mode when you’re away, which further enhances energy savings. Plus, the air quality sensor monitors indoor air pollution and lets you know when it’s time to change air filters.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

You’ll enjoy many benefits when you choose a smart thermostat for your home. Smart thermostats allow you to optimize your comfort and control the temperature from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Greater control translates to lower utility bills, improved air quality, and reduced wear and tear on your HVAC systems. Thus, you’ll enjoy better health, significant savings, and a considerably smaller carbon footprint simply by installing a smart thermostat in your home.

Choose McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning

At McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you select the ideal smart thermostat for your home. Our HVAC experts will help you find the solution that offers your desired features and functionality.

When you choose our team, you’ll always enjoy on-time service, honest and ethical pricing, and superior service. We guarantee our work and will go the extra mile to deliver solutions that improve your comfort and save you money.

Contact McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning at 301-304-8789 to discuss the smart thermostats we recommend.

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