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Best Maintenance Plans for Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Jun 26 2018

McCrea Service Contracts 

Is your HVAC system aging and no longer under warranty? Do you currently have a lot of repair bills? A service agreement can help offset the costs of frequent repairs, keep your system running effectively during peak months, and prolong the life of your system.

Service contracts ensure preventative maintenance is performed on your equipment at key intervals to reduce the number of repair calls you’ll have to make over the lifetime of your system. Annual tune-ups improve your system’s efficiency year over year and help identify problems before they impede your unit’s performance. A clean heating and air conditioning unit operates more efficiently and can save you more on utility bills.

Figuring out whether you need a service contract depends on how much you can and are willing to do yourself. Start by reviewing your manufacturer’s maintenance guide and warranty to determine what is required of you, the owner. Small tasks, like replacing filters on a routine basis, are something any homeowner can do. Checking electrical connections or catching signs of cracks and corrosion should be left to a professional. Note that some warranty terms require routine maintenance. Our website also includes great tips on what homeowners can do to sustain performance and advice for when to bring in a pro.

When evaluating service contract options, make sure the plan you choose is comparable to the out-of-pocket costs of the routine maintenance required by your manufacturer or warranty. You’ll get peace of mind and save more with professional inspections under a contract.

McCrea offers four types of HVAC service contracts, each providing: priority service, emergency heat service, and two seasonal inspections. If you are no longer under warranty and have invested a lot in repairs, review our tiered plan options to see where you fit and contact us for more information.

All HVAC systems require maintenance. Experience The McCreaway and get a free system diagnosis when you sign up for a service contract today.

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