Electric Furnace Repair in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania & Delaware

Prompt electric furnace repairs are essential for your comfort and safety. When a chilly night makes your toes curl up, our certified HVAC specialists have the skills and expertise required to restore your system to reliable operation.

We adhere to strict quality controls and will thoroughly inspect your furnace after repair to confirm it’s operating as efficiently, effectively, and reliably as possible.

Contact McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule electric furnace repairs in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Delaware!

Common Causes of Furnace Failures

Many things can cause an electric furnace to fail. At McCrea, we have seen and repaired them all. If you experience any of the following, we are here to help!

  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Dirty/clogged air filters
  • Ignition failure
  • Dirty fuses
  • Water infiltration
  • Short-cycling
  • Power surges
  • Blower motor failure
  • Damaged wiring

Contact McCrea to schedule fast and responsive furnace repair services in Northern VA, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Delaware!

Preventative Electric Furnace Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on your electric furnace is a wise investment of time and resources. The more time you invest in keeping your system in good condition, the less time and money you’ll spend on repairs.

Our preventative maintenance services will keep your system operating efficiently, effectively, and reliably year after year. Our services include:

  • Testing for leaks
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Thermostat adjustments
  • Inspecting the air handler
  • Inspecting the heating element
  • And more!

Contact McCrea to schedule preventative maintenance services for your electric furnace in Northern VA, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Delaware!

Depend on McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning for Your Furnace Needs!

For more than 85 years, the McCrea team has served homeowners and clients throughout the region. We are proud to say that many of our clients are second-, third-, and fourth-generation customers!

When you hire our certified HVAC team to repair or maintain your electric furnace, you can depend on our dedication to detail and commitment to quality. We look for problems others miss and won’t leave until we’re satisfied we’ve provided superior results.

Contact McCrea to schedule preventative maintenance services for your electric furnace in Northern VA, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Delaware!

Frequently Asked Questions About Furnaces

Do electric furnaces run constantly?


They shouldn’t run constantly. If your electric furnace is running all the time, there may be a problem with your blower or thermostat. 

What are the advantages of an electric furnace?

Electric furnaces are nearly silent and slightly more durable than gas furnaces. They will last longer than most gas furnaces, and when electricity prices are lower than gas prices, they’re less expensive to operate.

Do electric furnaces require an outside vent?

Because there is no combustion, electric furnaces do not require an outside vent, flue, or chimney. This makes them easy to install in apartments, condos, and homes.

Can I repair my electric furnace myself?

While we recommend cleaning your electric furnace, we strongly recommend allowing a professional HVAC technician to perform thorough inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Because of the risk of electrocution and fire, it’s best to let a trained professional do any tinkering or tightening within your electric furnace cabinet.

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