Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips

Summer is right around the corner; is your air conditioner working properly? Before it gets too hot, here are some proactive things you can do to ensure your home is prepared for the summer months.

Check Your Filters

Dirt and dust can impede airflow and affect your air conditioner’s efficiency. Change your air filter monthly to keep your system running effectively during peak periods. It’s also best practice to have your air conditioner inspected and serviced annually, to prevent larger issues and extend the life of your system.

Catch Energy Wastage

A properly working and efficient air conditioning unit can help you save annually on your utility bill, but it’s not the only factor that makes an efficient home. Programmable thermostats, well-sealed duct-work and insulation are key to keeping your home cool and your costs down.

Programmable thermostats: It’s important to check your thermostat settings to ensure your system isn’t running while you’re away.

Heating and cooling ducts: sealing and insulating ducts can improve the efficiency of your cooling system by 20 percent or more by keeping your ducts from getting too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Upgrades and Replacement

If you’re making frequent repairs to your air conditioning system, it may be time to upgrade. A new high efficiency air conditioner could save you 75 percent on your annual heating and cooling costs, if your current system is 10 years or older.

Knowing when to replace your air conditioner isn’t easy, and here at McCrea we understand that it’s an expensive decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We’re here to help you determine whether you need simple upgrades or part replacements or if you need to do a full overhaul. We offer four types of air conditioning service contracts to help you have peace of mind.

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