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Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Ready for Anything

If your heater doesn’t warm your home in the dead of winter or your air conditioner doesn’t cool the house in a heatwave, you need it fixed by a professional. McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning can get your system running well again.

Our expert crew has the tools and knowledge to diagnose and solve any heater, furnace, AC, or heat pump issue. From repairs to replacements, you can depend on us.

Count on a company that’s been in the HVAC industry for 80+ years to get your system running like new.

Call (301) 304-8789 to schedule HVAC services in Greencastle, PA.

Greencastle Air Conditioning Services

Southern Pennsylvania can get pretty warm during the summer. Make sure your air conditioner is ready to handle the heat with top-notch service from McCrea! Turn to us for:

  • Air conditioner installation: Our team can install brand-new air conditioners in your new construction.
  • Air conditioner replacement: If your AC system breaks down, we can swap it out for a new one.
  • Air conditioner repair: Many problems can plague an AC system. Leave it to our expert technicians to fix your AC issues. 
  • Air conditioner maintenance: Routine maintenance is the key to a long, healthy service life. Our technicians can keep your AC operating efficiently with tune-up services.

Don’t sweat it out when you can live comfortably in Greencastle, PA.

Request an appointment online for air conditioner services.

Turn Up the Heat Without Issue

It can get cold in the Greencastle, PA, region. You need to have confidence that your heater or furnace will be able to keep your family warm. McCrea offers high-quality heating services to ensure your home will be warm all winter. Choose us when you need:

  • Heating installation: If you have a new home, it needs a top-quality heating system. Leave the installation to us.
  • Heating replacement: Get rid of your old, dying heating system and replace it with a top-quality one.
  • Heating repair: If your heater seems to be failing, it may just need a minor repair. Look to McCrea to implement a quick solution.
  • Heating maintenance: Keeping up with regular heater or furnace maintenance is essential to avoiding costly repairs or replacements.
  • Furnaces: Whether you have a gas or electric furnace, your heating system is always in good hands when you call McCrea. 

Make sure you’re ready for the bitter cold winters of Southern Pennsylvania.

Call (301) 304-8789 to schedule heating services in Greencastle, PA.

Enjoy Clean, Pure Air Every Day

The air in your home can make a huge difference in your health. Allergens of all kinds can cause health issues over time. That’s why you need air quality services from McCrea.

Our seasoned technicians install a variety of indoor air quality systems. You can depend on us for:

  • Humidifier and dehumidifier service: These devices can help clean your air by eliminating mold growth.
  • Air scrubber and air purifier service: These devices provide extra filtration to the air so you can breathe easier.
  • Duct cleaning service: Over time, dust and allergens collect in air ducts and spread throughout the home. A deep cleaning of your air ducts can make for much cleaner air.

Ensure your family is breathing clean, pure air every day. Contact us today to schedule indoor air quality services with McCrea.

Schedule Heating & AC Services in Greencastle, PA

You depend on your HVAC system every day. Don’t live in discomfort when McCrea can get your system running like new. We’re the experts you can rely on for fast service, affordable prices, and a commitment to excellence.

Contact us to get started with a free estimate and let our expert technicians solve your HVAC problems.

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