Geothermal HVAC Services in Northern VA

Geothermal systems harness the energy deep within the earth to heat and cool your home. Because the temperature underneath the ground stays constant no matter the weather, it is an excellent source of heating and cooling that requires minimal energy to tap. Geothermal systems also have a long life span, often lasting 20 to 50 years. If you choose a geothermal system for your home, you can count on McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning to keep it running well.

For geothermal system services in Northern VA, MD, DE, or PA, reach out to the team at McCrea.

Geothermal System Repair

Geothermal systems are quite long-lasting. They can heat and cool your home for decades, but sometimes you will need to have them repaired. Some signs that your geothermal system may need repair include:

  • Energy bills are increasing without cause

  • Your system doesn’t have power

  • You hear rattling noises

  • The lawn has unexplained wet spots

  • You see corrosion somewhere in the system

  • The coils are getting iced over

  • You have chemical or burning smells from the system

If you notice these issues, give us a call right away. We can assess and repair the problem, so you can have reliable heating and cooling again.

Schedule geothermal system repair in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, or Pennsylvania today.

Geothermal System Replacement

Though they have very long life spans, geothermal systems will eventually wear out. When the time comes to replace yours due to old age or a severe repair need, you can count on McCrea. We are the local geothermal system experts, and we will help you select a system that’s appropriately sized for your home and install it with the help of a team of experts. You can be confident your new geothermal system will deliver years of reliable service.

Reach out today to schedule geothermal system replacement services.

Geothermal System Maintenance

Like all HVAC systems, geothermal systems have many moving parts, which means they need routine maintenance. At a geothermal system maintenance appointment, a qualified technician will check your system inside and out, offering the opportunity to optimize its performance and ensure it is serving your family as efficiently as possible. Maintenance will reduce the risk of a breakdown in the future and potentially extend the system’s life span.

For homeowners in Northern VA, MD, PA, and DE, McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning can help with geothermal system maintenance. Schedule your appointment today.

Why Choose McCrea for Geothermal System Services

A geothermal system helps you reduce your energy bill without sacrificing your comfort. Our team will ensure your geothermal system is working exactly as it should. Many local HVAC companies do not have the knowledge and skill to work with geothermal systems, but we do, and every service appointment is backed by the McCrea Way guarantee. We will do it the right way the first time, guaranteed.

Schedule geothermal system services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania today by contacting McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning. Call (800) 597-0091 in Maryland, (800) 788-6216 in Virginia, (866) 446-2001 in Pennsylvania, and (888) 477-7158 in Delaware to schedule service.

Geothermal HVAC Services FAQs

What are the benefits of a geothermal HVAC system?

Geothermal HVAC systems use the principle of a heat pump to heat or cool your home. They use minimal energy to transfer heat from one area, inside your home, to another area, the ground outside. This helps you save money on your energy bills.

Should I install a geothermal system in Northern Virginia?

Geothermal HVAC systems are a sizable investment, but an investment that pays off through improved home comfort and greater energy efficiency. Most homeowners find that the savings outweigh the costs.

How long does a geothermal system last?

Geothermal systems last 20 to 25 years with proper maintenance, which is much longer than a traditional furnace.

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