Spring is Coming: Tips to Keep Your Home Allergen Free

At McCrea, we’re thinking about how colder weather can easily wreak havoc on your home and your lifestyle. Luckily, humidifiers are around to provide some relief.

Check out our top five ways that using a humidifier can improve your life this winter. Read to the end for a special offer that’ll have you enjoying the benefits of a humidifier in no time!

  1. Humidifiers reduce the risk of viral and bacterial infections.
    Do you feel like you’re constantly sick whenever winter rolls around? It’s not your body clock that determines that cycle – it’s all that hanging out indoors. Use a humidifier in your home to see how increased moisture in the air reduces the dryness and irritation your body feels, keeping you free of those coughing fits and sore throats your coworkers are all having.
  2. They help keep skin moisturized.
    Feeling that dry winter skin? A humidifier can help. Just as its name implies, a humidifier will keep the air in a room more humid, which means your skin won’t be so desperate for moisture.
  3. They alleviate nasal conditions, such as snoring and nosebleeds.
    Dry nasal passages lead to discomfort, so use a humidifier to make your home’s air less dry and give your nose a break. Your body (and anyone who hates snoring) will thank you.
  4. Humidifiers reduce static electricity.
    If your hair is constantly standing on end around your home, a humidifier may offer a solution. Adding a humidifier to the room will reduce the dry, staticky air that’s been giving you trouble, as well as keep you from shocking yourself every time you shuffle your feet.
  5. They help keep your home looking great.
    Humidifiers can prevent wallpaper from peeling and cracks from appearing in your paint and furniture. Stop damage to your home with a simple push of a button.

Convinced yet? McCrea is offering $100 off a humidifier install through April 15, 2018. Take advantage of this great offer and help improve your home – and your life – with a new humidifier.

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