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It’s the start of a new year and we all have a list on how to better ourselves, but have you thought about how to better your home?  Take care of your family’s health and comfort by including these New Year’s Resolutions to keep your HVAC system working to its best ability.

  1. Invest in a programmable thermostat – This is the simplest way to increase your comfort and energy savings year-round.  Your thermostat is programmed for your preferred comfort setting, but when you’re away it switches to a more energy-efficient setting until the time you normally come home.

  2. Change your air filters regularly– Your filters can easily get clogged, which could circulate contaminants, restricts airflow, waste energy, and damage your system.  Do yourself a favor and check your filters monthly, and replace it at least every 3-6 months.

  3. Schedule your regular tune-up – By having your cooling and heating systems inspected to make sure they’re running property, you’ll be able to address smaller problems that could potentially develop into more costly problems.

  4. Clean your ducts – It’s easy to neglect what you can’t see, but ducts get dirty and need cleaning too.  You don’t want pollutants such as dust buildup, mold, or bacteria affecting your indoor air quality.

  5. Consider system upgrades – There are endless options to improve the level of comfort in your home.  It may be time to look at the savings you could have from upgrading to a newer more energy efficient system.  Or perhaps you could benefit from adding a whole house air purifier.

  6. Take it a step further and get an energy audit for your home – Want to know where your money goes?  These audits will verify your homes problems and the auditor will provide a full report of your home, including the most cost effective solutions for lowering your utility costs.

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