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Statement to our Customers:


As safety concerns rise with the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, the McCrea team wants to make you aware of the steps we are taking to protect our team members and you our valued clients.  We are closely monitoring the situation and constantly updating procedures to be in compliance with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control.

Everyone's overall health and well-being is our top concern.  Therefore, we are taking extra precautions when entering our clients homes.

  • We have provided every technician nitrile disposable gloves and 62% alcohol based hand sanitizer to be used at every customers home or business.
  • Technicians will also wipe down and disinfect all tools and tablets.
  • Employees will also be verbally reviewing the services rendered and obtain verbal agreements whenever possible.
  • Employees will maintain the recommended 6-foot distance from others to limit exposure.
  • All of our employees are also aware of the symptoms and asked to stay home if they display any possible symptoms themselves or have been exposed to anyone displaying symptoms. 

McCrea will try its best to protect all parties.  Thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and patience during these unprecedented times.


COVID-19 What to Know

Please watch this video that provides an overview of the virus, who's most at risk, and what to do to keep it from spreading!

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